Laser Show Software List

If the software has a $ after it, then it probably will cost you some money to properly obtain it.

Drawing/Editing Software:

  • Laser Boy
  • LWave
  • Monkey Tools
  • ILdA SoS$
  • Laser Cam$
  • Sagamon Editor
  • Sergey's Tools
  • C4R0's Bitmap Tracer
  • Some Other Bitmap Tracing Tool I can't remember the name of...

Show Creation and Playing:

  • LFI Player
  • Spaghetti $
  • PopelScan
  • Laser Show eXpress $
  • Moncha $
  • Phoenix $
  • Pangolin! $

Software Development Kits (and source code)

  • DrLava's DAC Library
  • OpenLase
  • Open Laser Show Controller (OLSC)

Sound Editing:

  • Audacity


This is basically a big list of what could be ...

  • List of DACs along with build instructions and schematics
  • Adam's Scanner Tuning Tutorial
  • How To Laser Boy
  • I like to burn things with lasers, i.e. maybe laser shows aren't for me.
  • How To Make a Laser Projector (what parts do I buy?)
  • How to create a laser show from A to Z (artwork to show creation)
    • in other words now that I have this software, how to be productive with it
  • Laser Safety?


  • Test Frames (non commercial)
  • Sample Shows for Spaghetti
  • Sample Shows for PopelScan
  • Sample Shows for LFI Player (does anyone have any?)
  • Sample Shows for LSX

... and the list goes on and on and on.

That is all I can think of... If you have anything you think should be added to the list please email me!