Frame Streamer Express

The Frame Streamer Express or FSX is a ILDA output laser show interface device produced by Norm Defayette of CoreTechs R&D. So far there are 2 versions. Version 1 (FSX1.X) is an 8 bit X/Y - TTL (1 - bit) RGB device. Version 2 (FSX2.X) is a 12 Bit X/Y - 8 Bit RGB device. All FSX's have a USB interface to the host computer.

Writing Your Own Windows Programs:

In order to write your own program that communicates with an FSX device you will need to be familiar with intefacing to DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries). The FSX interface DLL's are written to conform to the Open Laser Show Controller API (Application Programming Interface). You can find more information about the OLSC here.

Driver Installation and Download:

USB Drivers Zip or Self Installing The latest drivers can also be found here on FTDI's web site.

Interface DLLs: