CNC Router

About 2 years ago I caught the CNC bug. It bit me hard.

It did not help that Nuts & Volts magazine had this article on the Probotix Fireball CNC router.

I could not afford it (or maybe just foolishy did not want to afford it)... so I research what was going on in the DIY community with CNC routers. The best thing I found was a web site called, which at the time was a fledgling site featuring a guy building a CNC router in his bathroom (he is married with children too). So I downloaded all of the videos and began the process of putting together a parts list. I think he might have had plans for sale however I am too cheap to buy them. I ended up buying a bunch of parts to make one however I found an even simpiler design that promised to be less expensive to buy parts for and easier to build.

Enter the Slosylva 13x13 CNC router.

The plans (pater version ... digital is less) are $25. It promised to cost roughly $100 USD to buy the basic parts for (minus the motors and controller, however most CNC router kits/plans are priced that way). And guess what. It cost just a little more than $100. I think I ended up paying about $123 because I bought the rods twice. More on that later.

So this is my page recording my adventures in DIY CNC routers.

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